FairyABC Update

Hello, friend.

I know this is not my usual specialty, but as I was fluttering around FairyABC, I found a few interesting things I wanted to share with you.

The Ballroom is decorated with flowers and itsy-bitsy bells
And these two have appeared in the Tearoom
Don’t click on them, though! (Photo courtesy of Raven)

Holiday Fashions

Hello, friend.

Like I promised earlier this month, I will be sharing more unusual holiday fashions with you.

Day Of The Ninja (December 5)
Cotton Candy Day (December 7)
Poinsettia Day (December 13)
Rubber Ducky (For Bathtub Party Day, December 5)

Holiday Haute Couture

Hello, fairy friend.

As we all know, December is a month of celebrations. Hannukah, Kwanzaa, Christmas, New Year’s Eve, Yule, and my personal favorite, Bathtub Day.

I will be posting much more fashions this month to celebrate the many diverse traditions of the holiday season.

Candy Cane
Glass Ornament
Christmas Tree
Gingerbread Woman
Misty The Snowman

Eveningflame Family Crest

Hello, friend.

Recently, my friend posted a link to a family crest creator. I decided I’d try it out for myself.


I chose a light blue background to represent my talent, water. I selected two ships for the same reason.

I put two flowers resembling daisies on my crest too, because daisies represent innocence and purity, two virtues I believe the Eveningflame family would hold in high esteem.

I originally wanted the shield color to be silver, but I realized it would clash with the gold decorations.


Hello, friend.

Just very recently, I was able to log on to FairyABC for the first time.

Here is my recreated fairy:

Screen Shot 2016-09-28 at 1.25.32 PM.png








It’s also a sneak peek of one of October’s monthly fashions. Can you guess what Misty’s Halloween costume is?

Villainous Vogue

Hello, fairy friend.

As I reread my favourite Agatha Christie novel, I realized that I had not paid my dues to the morally questionable side of fashion.

I resolved to fix that now.


Piece Study

Hello, friend.

Today, I’d like to show you some fashions I made.

If you look at each of them, you’ll notice that they all have the same skirt. I’m doing something I call a “piece study”, where I choose one piece of clothing to fashion an outfit around.

I find that it helps me explore the possibilities of a single article of clothing.


Liebster Award


Hello, friend.

I just learned I’ve been nominated for the Liebster Award.

Firstly, I’d like to thank Dalila Pineforest, one of the PBC’s newest bloggers, and the fairy who nominated me.

The rules for this award are:

  1. Thank the blogger who nominated you for this award
  2. Answer all the questions the blogger has given you
  3. Nominate at least five bloggers
  4. Make up at least 5 questions for the bloggers you nominate
  5. Notify the bloggers you have nominated them for this award

Dalila’s questions are:

If you had a diary, what would you call it?

I think I’d call my diary “Misty’s Meditations” or something to that effect.

Pen or pencil? Why?

I prefer to use a pen. I use pens more than pencils because I don’t have to worry about resharpening it.

Writing or typing?


What’s your newest favorite song?

Misirlou, by Dick Dale.

What’s one dessert you would give up if you had to?

I have to say pudding. I don’t like the way they feel, so I’d give them up in a heartbeat if it meant I could keep all my other desserts.

My nominees are:

Rose Morningmist

Crystal Oakbelle

Snowflake Fancypuff

Anastasia Neverbelle

River Seaspring

My questions:

How did you decide on your fairy’s name?

What was your favorite shop in Pixie Hollow?

Which did you like best, Spring Valley, Autumn Forest, Winter Woods, or Summer Glade?

Did you have a favorite talent game, and, if so, what was it?

What was your fairy’s go-to outfit?

Mix and Match

Hello again, friend.

I know I haven’t posted in a while, so I decided to make a new collection.

I call this collection: Misty’s Mixes.

Stunning Sapphire
Marvelous Muave
Extraordinary Olive
Charming Cherry

I particularly love mixing and matching because you can look positively glamorous, and not a single person will know that you threw it on mere moments before walking out the door.